Vireo A/R Add-Ons

Vireo is a robust and complete solution right out of the gate. But in certain situations, our clients may need or want more. Still an amazing value and simply more ways We Do It For You!

Custom Design

While our generic invoice and payment form templates can work for many clients, we know there are those clients that prefer to have their forms match their brand and website look and feel. With a Vireo Custom design, you’ll get just that. Our creative team will customize your invoice template and ensure that your payment form pages will feel like your customers never left your site... Guess what? Yes, We Do It For You!

Investment: $595


Form Setup

Vireo Invoicing & Payments allows even the novice computer user to easily setup up their customized forms. Custom fields, hidden fields, credit card only or add ACH payments. You get the idea. But, if you’re on this website, it’s probably because you don’t have the time. So, send us your form or an outline in Word and we’ll make your form for you and post it to your site or send the link to your web developer. Simple as that.

Investment: $199/form


All of our solutions come with a live walk through of the administration functions of your site. For those that really want to get down to the nitty gritty, our live webinar training sessions are the answer. A full 2 hours of training, broken up into 1-2 sessions will give you the knowledge it takes to successfully manage your Vireo Invoicing & Payments solution.

Investment: $195


Custom Programming

It always comes up. “Wow, this solution is great! I only wish it could do…” Yes! We can accommodate nearly every functionality request you have. There are just so many things that off the shelf payment solutions don’t do. But, since we wrote the software, we can change it and tailor fit it to your organization. You’ll get the best of both worlds!

Investment: Varies

0% Markup Credit Card Merchant Account

Paypal is popular, but expensive! You’ll pay roughly 3% of your sales for the PayPal solution. It adds up. With our 0% markup merchant accounts, you pay one flat monthly fee and only 6 cents per transaction! No additional statement fees, no annual fees, no batch fees and no contracts. Get next day funding too!

Plans start at $75/month!

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