Vireo Ecommerce Add-Ons

Vireo is a robust and complete solution right out of the gate. But in certain situations, our clients may need or want more. Still an amazing value and simply more ways We Do It For You!

Custom Design

While our industry standard responsive design template can work for many clients, we know there are those clients that prefer their own uniquely branded design and layout. With a Vireo Custom website design, you’ll get just that. Our creative team has built over a 1,000 custom designs for clients ranging from 1 person consultants to $100 Million dollar corporations. And when we do a unique design, we completely code that design onto your site, you don’t have to lift a finger. Like we’ve been saying... We Do It For You!

Investment: $4,000


Image Research

If you think you’re good with our industry standard template design you’ll need to supply us with the images you would like to use on the site. If you need help, our Image Research is just the right thing (you won’t need this if you’re doing a custom design). We’ll take the time to look for the right images to use and give you 2-3 options to pick from for each area of the site. Package includes the cost of the images too!

Investment: $295


Content Population

Our 25-point launch framework includes adding in all of your home page content and up to 10 additional pages. If you need more and you don’t want to do it yourself, which you could with the built in Content Management System (CMS), then we’d be happy to jump in!

Investment: $50/web page


All of our solutions come with a live walk through of the administration functions of your site. For those that really want to get down to the nitty gritty, our live webinar training sessions are the answer. A full 3 hours of training, broken up into 2-3 sessions will give you the knowledge it takes to successfully manage your Vireo Ecommerce Storefront.

Investment: $295


Custom Programming

It always comes up. “Wow, this solution is great! I only wish it could do…” Yes! We can accommodate nearly every functionality request you have. There are just so many things that off the shelf Ecommerce solutions either don’t do, or if they do them, they cost a ton o’ money. Since we wrote the software, we can change the software and tailor fit it to your organization. You’ll get the best of both worlds!

Investment: Varies

0% Markup Credit Card Merchant Account

Paypal is popular, but expensive! You’ll pay roughly 3% of your sales for the PayPal solution. It adds up. With our 0% markup merchant accounts, you pay one flat monthly fee, plus the fees charged directly by MC, VISA, Discover and AMEX (called interchange) with no markup and only 6 cents per transaction! No additional statement fees, no annual fees, no batch fees and no contracts. Get next day funding too!

Plans start at $75/month!

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