Vireo Ecommerce Features

More than just a hang-on shopping cart, Vireo is a full-blown Ecommerce Management Solution and Website in one. A robust collection of features with everything you need to run your online Ecommerce Storefront.

Content Management

  • Unlimited Content Pages
  • Unlimited Updateable Drop Down Navigation Menu
  • Updateable Secondary Navigation Menu
  • Updateable Bottom Text Navigation Menu
  • Create mobile only or desktop only pages or both!

Shopping Cart

  • Integrated fully into your website so your customers feel more confident to buy!
  • Billing Information
    • Alternate Payments - Bypasses credit card processing, great for PO’s, and Orders on Account
    • Pre-Auth Orders Option – Charge at time of shipping and not time of order
    • Customer Feedback
  • Shipping Information
  • Custom Tax Tables
    • Tax on Shipping Support
    • Tax Exempt Support
  • Order Confirmation Page, Emailed & Printable Receipt, Unique Auto Assigned Order Numbers:
    • Automatically assigned
  • Emailed Order Notification - Alerts your personnel of a new order
  • Secure Orders Area - Your orders are kept in a secure folder in your Management Console
  • Online Credit Card & Check (ACH) Gateway with Virtual Terminal

Shipping/ Handling

  • UPS or Fedex Shipping - Automatically compute fees by total weight and destination
  • Flat Fee: Charge a flat fee per product
  • Percentage Fee – Assigns a percentage of the total order as the shipping total
  • Order Total Ranges - Set shipping fee based on order total amount. Up to 5 ranges.
  • Shipping Estimator - Estimates how much shipping will be prior to checkout
  • Create Custom Ship Zones, No Ship Zones and Zone Surcharges
  • Allow Store Pickup by item – automatically removes shipping charges!
  • Set Order Handling Amount

Product Catalog

  • Unlimited Product Categories & Subcategories with Previous/Next Links
  • Show or Hide Categories & Products
  • Unlimited Products
  • Product Variants – Create one master item and have variant pricing for sizes, material, colors. etc. Variants make it easy to show different pricing for variations quickly without reloading the page or creating a separate product for each variation. Variants can have their own inventory, shipping zone, zone surcharge and shipping note.
  • Electronic Downloads - Sell digital products like MP3, PDF, and more.
  • Short and Long Product Descriptions
  • Allow products to be listed in more than one category
  • Easily set featured products to show on your home page
  • Product SEO name field – used to increase search engine optimization
  • Copy Product
  • Custom Engravings Fields for Product Personalization (set character limits too!)
  • Show All – Choose to view all products listed in a category on one page without Previous | Next links.
  • Sort By feature – Sort products in a category Alphabetically, Price Low to High, Price High to Low & Popularity
  • Product Filters – Filters on particular product options such as Size, Color, Scent, etc.
  • "More Info" Product Detail Page
  • Item Notes – can show or hide on the More Information page
  • Product Options with "What’s This" Feature, Image Link and quick copy function
  • Ability to have 3 different images per product, thumbnail, medium & large view
  • Product Zoom
  • Product Swatch Gallery with automatic image resizing.
  • Photo Resizing – xSellit automatically resizes your images for you!
  • Sale Items - Crosses out regular price and shows sale price
  • Manufacturer/Vendor Tables
  • Full Carton Quantity
  • Quantity Discounts/Price Breaks Per Product
  • Gift Wrapping & Gift Messages – Allow products to be gift wrapped along with a gift message.
  • Non-Taxable Products – Allows you to not charge tax per product.
  • Single Quantity - Prevents the ordering of multiple quantities of a unique item
  • Free Shipping Per Product – Designate free shipping per product.
  • Breadcrumb Trail – Great for easy navigation of your storefront!
  • Minimum Order Amount at Checkout – Prevents orders less than your specified dollar amount.
  • "Add to Cart for Pricing" feature per Product
  • "Call for Pricing" feature Per Product
  • Email Product to A Friend
  • Add-Ons – a great way to increase your average dollar sale! Add specific add-ons to items that you normally would not sell on its own.
  • Related Item Listings – Display other items on a more info page that are similar to that particular item.
  • Cross Sell Listings – Display other items on a more info page that compliments that particular item.

Selling Tools

  • Online Chat
  • Live Visitor Tracking and Historical Video Playback
  • Verified Purchase Product Reviews – with management control over instant posting vs. approval based
  • eGift Cards – Stored value eGift cards so your customers can send gift cards to whomever they wish. It’s a great way to leverage your current customer base!
  • Integration to Cobalt Email Marketing System
    • Join Our Mailing List
    • Ordered List – Creates a general list of customers' email addresses who have placed orders on your storefront
    • Per Product List – Creates a list for each product and places customer’s email addresses in the product mailing list for each particular product ordered. Great tool to generate repeat sales!
  • Product Searches
    • Search on a Product’s ID, name, SKU, short description and long description
    • Additional Search Keywords – allows to add in more terms per product to be used in Product Searches
  • Social Networking – Uniquely Vireo (You set your own branded posts per product!)
    • Facebook storefront & product integration
    • Twitter storefront & product integration
    • AddThis™ storefront & product integration
  • Promotion Codes – Offer discounts by percent and/or flat amount, set start and end dates, add a custom message, set promotions per product, category, vendor or order amount. Create shipping discounts by ship class, create a free gift promo code.

Inventory Control

  • Quantity on Hand Per Product or Variant
  • Quantity Auto-Reduction After Purchases
  • Re-Order Levels
  • Out of Stock Tag
  • Allow Purchase if Out of Stock

Wholesaler Support

  • Supports selling direct to end user customers and to your wholesale channel from one site!
    • Wholesale customers see their pricing once they login
  • Turn off Public pricing – only will show pricing for logged in users
  • Customer Price Breaks – allows varying discounts by customer
  • Customer Special Pricing by Product

My Account

  • Login Area, Updateable Contact Information, Order History
  • Order Status
  • Display General Customer Messages and Customer Specific Message
  • Password Discovery – Allows customers to get emailed their password if they forgot it
  • Reorder System – Allows customers to see all past orders and re-order the same thing
  • Saved Orders – Allows customers to pre-set orders by location, time of year, or any other criteria making it easy for them to restock
  • Favorites – Allows customers to build a list of frequently ordered items
  • Ship To Address book – allows customer to build an unlimited list of shipping addresses. Great for businesses with multiple locations or consumers who want to keep their favorite people on hand

Order Management

  • Abandoned Cart Tracking and Support
  • Add/remove order items from an order
  • Manually update shipping charges
  • Print a packing slip
  • Print an updated receipt
  • Set an order status, i.e. Open, Processing, Shipped, Closed
  • Email standard shipping notice to customer with tracking number and link
  • Update and save shipping notices on the fly per order
  • Accept and process phone orders
  • Apply promotion codes to existing orders and recalculate order totals
  • Void and Recharge or Credit customer orders using virtual terminal

Search Engine Friendly

  • Clean URLs (no dynamic variables or file extensions)
  • Customizable URL Rewriting
  • Built in 301 Redirect table – Essential when you are moving from an old site to Vireo to maintain your search engine rankings!
  • Updateable META Title, Keyword & Description tags Per Page, Category and Product!
  • Updateable Image ALT tags for all Category, Product and Page Header Images
  • Utilizes proper H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • Automatically updated Google XML Sitemaps
  • Category Listing page has two updateable content blocks for SEO enriched content
  • Product Listing page has two updateable content blocks for SEO enriched content
  • Link Summary block great for SEO enriched content
  • Integrated into Google Analytics
  • Integrated into Google eCommerce Tracking – Feed order total amount back to Google Adwords to track your ROI
  • Custom 404 Error Page Not Found

Secured Management Console

  • Unlimited User & Group Permission Based Administration Security
  • Import/Export Customers/Product/Categories/Product Options and tons more!
  • Downloadable Orders (XML or CSV format)
  • Tons of Useful Reports!
    • Product List
    • Sales By Product
    • Sales Summary
    • Detail Sales Summary
    • Inventory Transactions
    • Inventory Stock
    • Product Review Report
    • Zone Report
    • ReOrder Report
    • Promotion Code List
    • Promotion Code Sales Report
    • Sales Tax Report


  • Updateable Categorized What's New / Press Releases
  • Store/Office Locator - Build a listing of your stores or offices which will allow your storefront’s visitors to search for a store or office by state or zip code by proximity
  • Album/Photo Gallery
  • Before and After Case/Project Photo Galleries
  • Updateable Favicon Image
  • Integrated Google Translate - Allows your website to be available in other languages
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