E-Commerce Experience

Vireo has its roots in software that we began writing nearly 3 decades ago.  When we started our company back in 1991, we designed and wrote custom accounting systems that our clients would use to run their businesses.

When we transitioned into writing software for the Internet in 1996, we brought to our new clients that in depth analysis that we honed during our early years.  We learned to listen to our clients’ issues and the way they want to do business so we could translate those ideas into the technology that will help them meet those goals.

Vireo grew from those humble beginnings into one of the Internet’s oldest web platforms.  It began back when there were no programming languages for web development other than HTML.  So, we wrote our own web language, similar to ASP or PHP.  There were no Internet databases either, so we again, wrote our own.  There were no ecommerce gateways at the time for credit card processing either, so we wrote our own interface to in house credit card processing software. You get the picture.

So, when we say, we’ve been there…believe us…we’ve seen it all.  We’ve seen the design fads come and go (like spinning logos and the little cartoon phone that would “ring” on contact us pages).  We’ve seen new coding techniques get overused (like when iframes came out and every site had 10 little “frames” on their pages).

Point is, when you choose Vireo, you’re choosing the people behind Vireo too.  People that have the experience to navigate you through the ever-changing tides of the Internet.

Give us a call today.  You’ll be happy you did.

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