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We know you're busy...

Whether you’re the owner, marketing manager or IT director, you truly do have many more important things to do with your time. As incredibly important as a website is today, wouldn’t you want to ensure the most public part of your business is being built by a team that’s been together since pretty much Al Gore invented the Internet?

All in one. All inclusive.

Everything AND the kitchen sink. Whatever you call it, you don’t need to look for, sign up for, or get quotes on any other service to make your website work. Your website needs a secure certificate? You got it. A credit card gateway? Check. Hosting…merchant account? Done and done. It’s one phone call to make and no finger pointing.  Everything just works.  Easy-Peezy-Peppermint-Pleezy.

Just because you're open for business, doesn’t mean customers will come.

Let’s face it, just putting up a new website is kinda like opening up a store in the middle of the desert.  Just because you are open for business, doesn’t mean customers will beat a path to your door.  Vireo can put you on the super highway to super sales!

We start with our beautifully responsive, mobile friendly design that Google loves, so your website is never penalized and since nearly 57% of all Internet traffic originates on a mobile device, we’ll make your potential customers happy too!

We use a proper search engine friendly structure so those really technical and boring things, like proper canonicals, clean URLs, auto updating XML site maps, and dynamic meta title and description tags for every page of your website (including category and product pages) are built right in and implemented properly.

You get integrated email marketing.  Yes, Vireo comes with its own email campaigning system or if you prefer you can pull dynamically generated lists (like VIP customers who bought cowboy boots in zip code 44122) and push those lists out to the email marketing program of your choice.

In addition, we know how important to push your products out to Internet marketplaces.  So, your entire product catalogue can be exported into formats like Excel so that you can send them to Google Shopping Feeds, Amazon and Ebay Stores, and loads of other comparison shopping engines!  And, with our Go Data Feed integration, it makes it even easier to get your items out to the world!

We include online chat.  You don’t have to sign up for a separate account with some other provider, spend loads of time looking for the right solution and more money too.  You get it with Vireo.

Customized to fit your business.

We built Vireo from the ground up over the past 22 + years.  It’s robust and stable.  But we have always had those clients that just need a small tweak here or a nip and tuck there.  That’s not a problem with Vireo.  We can customize it to tailor fit your business.  No third party plug-ins, no email only support that only gets answered at 2am in the morning.  It’s us.  Here in the US and open when you are open.  

And for those larger clients, we can provide direct access to your own private MS SQL server database. You’ll be able to get to YOUR data whenever and however you see fit! It's your data and we won’t hold it hostage. This allows for easy integration with your in-house ERP systems.

We've been there and done that.

Because we've been in business since 1992, you know that you will have a company who is going to stand behind you every step of the way.

Our design, programming, hosting & support are all done by our in-house employees. We don't outsource these critical portions of our business. So, if you have a concern - you go directly to the source.

We're responsive. Our team of developers and support personnel are dedicated to helping you.

Our team of Internet and database programmers are highly skilled for any job you wish to throw our way. With over 26 years of experience you'll know you are in good hands.

We are experts in Internet and database security, so you can be confident that your corporate data won't be compromised and that we have taken every step possible to ensure your information is kept safe.

Let's talk. Good old conversation is where it starts!

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