Our Software. Our Servers.

We’ll be blunt.

In over 2 decades of creating web-based solutions, we’ve seen every kind of “web designer”.  It’s not that what they do is bad or wrong, it’s just not efficient.  From graphic designers who pick Wordpress templates and have your entire business run on 5 different widgets from 5 different companies then choose a hosting provider (that’s not them) and some other provider for your email; to programmers that work with freelance designers, but don’t know how to host a site, to marketing firms that say they do web development, but they really just outsource nearly everything to some other company.

With Vireo… the buck stops here.

We design your graphical concepts.  We wrote the software that runs your business.  We host your site on servers that are dedicated to just our clients and managed by us.  We create and manage your Microsoft SQL Server database that serves your site.  We provide your Microsoft Exchange 365 email.  We provide, install and maintain your secure server certificate.  We provide and support your online credit card gateway.

We train you and your team on how to use our software.

It’s one call for you to make.  While we do have our partners for certain things, they are managed, installed and supported by us.

There is a difference.

Let's talk. Good old conversation is where it starts!

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