Vireo A/R Online Features

A robust business platform is all you need to build dynamic payment forms and provide your clients with an online payment portal, even integrates with Quickbooks!

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Online Invoicing

  • Invoice support: HTML invoicing, PDF attachment or link to PDF
  • Batch invoicing: send all invoices with a click of a button or choose from a list
  • Email your customer welcome notices
  • Batch email notifications: send 30/60/90 day past due notices
  • Integrates to Quickbooks: auto create new customers, invoices and invoice items
  • Import option: import your customers, invoices and invoice items via CSV, Excel or Access formats
  • Login as your customer or lockout a customer
  • Support for multiple invoice forms
  • Open invoices list viewable by you and your customer
  • Recurring payments: specify total/deposit amount and number of payments, automatically computes each payment amount, add service or convenience fees, last payment made and next payment due, personalized and automatic email receipt

Form Builder

  • Unlimited form creation: great for various departments or services that require custom fields
  • Event registration or account billing: can be used without a merchant account for event registration or account/PO billing
  • Unlimited custom field creation: field types (checkbox, password/password confirm, textbox/confirm textbox, date picker, drop down, radio button, text area, next/previous, cancel/general buttons, literal)
  • Create multiple form types: info, confirm, credit card, check, on account, time payment, receipt, email, error
  • Create unlimited FormSets: create a group of multiple form pages to create full online registration or ordering experiences
  • Form styles: built-in styling or upload your own style sheets; define columns, tabbing direction, field label styles and more; personalize your headers/footers with dynamic form fields
  • Field Library: assign fields to forms and set field properties - can be different on every form you create

Shopping Cart

  • Billing & Shipping Information – Full billing and shipping information; option for on account billing (bypass credit card processing) – great for PO’s and orders on account; customer feedback
  • Order confirmation page - Emailed and printable receipt; unique auto assigned order numbers
  • Emailed order notification - Alerts your personnel of a new order
  • Secured orders area - Your orders are kept in a secure folder in your Management Console
  • Online credit card and check (ACH) gateway with Virtual Terminal
  • Support for multi quantity ordering for up to 10 items, with order subtotaling

Payment Portal

  • Open invoice view: see all open invoices including partial payments and due dates
  • Customer can choose which invoice they will be pay
  • Pay on manually entered invoices
  • Future pay: schedule payments for future date
  • Recurring payment plan: number of payments must meet criteria set by you
  • Login link: choose from a variety of template buttons for use on your website
  • Welcome message: display general message upon login
  • Secured customer login with password discovery giving customers the ability to reset password
  • Manage payment methods*: multiple credit cards and/or bank accounts
    *Cardholder data is stored at the USAepay gateway. No cardholder data is stored, transmitted or processed by Vireo. Your customer's cardholder data is completely secure.

Secured Management Console

  • Unlimited user and group permission-based administration security
  • File Manager: upload logos, style sheets, and images used on forms
  • Import: payers, invoices, invoice Items
  • Export: invoices, invoice Items, payers, payer pay methods, transactions, transactions Detail
  • Useful Reports

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